28 Aug


Thank you to everyone who submitted employee surveys or sent emails to give feedback last season. We will be making changes to the operation based on your input and observations.

Here are two changes that I would like to let you know about right now as they address the two comments that we heard most often.

1. We will be making some slight alterations in our commitment options for part-time instructors. The big one is that we will be offering a shorter commitment for Experienced Instructors that cannot commit to 18 days. The shorter commitment will be about 10 days and will require the instructor to pay for their season pass at a significant discount. Exact details on that will be available in Mid-September.

2. This season those instructors that commit to being available for full time work will get an additional $1/hour added to their instructor wage.

There will be additional changes and details that we will roll out in mid-September.