Level 1 Exam Info

If you are considering taking the PSIA/AASI Level I Exam to obtain a Nationally recognized certification this season here is some important information. The Level I Certification is a nationally recognized certification and Level I members meet a minimum set of standards across the United States.

The Level I certification and membership with PSIA/AASI provides a wealth of additional benefits including access to educational resources, lift ticket discounts in the northwest and nationally, “pro deals” on accessories (like clothing) and hard goods (like skis and snowboards) and many more benefits only available to members.

Level I Exam Requirements:

  • You must attend Level I Exam Preparation Clinics (or equivalent) in order to prepare you for the exam process
  • You must have taught 10 hours of lessons to be eligible to take the exam
  • The Level I Exam Fee
  • The Level I Exam consists of a written exam and an on-snow evaluation
  • You will be required to become a member of PSIA/AASI National and our Division – this is an annual cost of around $100; Membership period is July 1 – June 30
  • You may bundle the Level I Exam Fee and Membership Fee together¬† (Check or Credit Cards will be accepted)
  • On the morning of Exam Day arrive at the designated time with a completed Registered Level Written Exam (open book), a Completed PSIA/AASI Membership Application or proof of membership with a check or credit card for payment and be prepared to take the Level I Written Exam (closed book – 30 minutes max).


Once you are a Level I Certified Member…

  • To maintain your certification level you are required to maintain your membership annually and attend a PSIA/AASI educational event for education credit
  • Events for an annual education credit typically cost from $50 to $80 depending on the event type you choose to attend
  • The Level I Exam counts as your current season’s education credit
  • Any other PSIA/AASI Education Event or Exam you take during a season will meet a one-or-two year education credit, depending on the event type

Special Note: If you request, we can process your Level I Exam and Membership Fee on March 1 of the current year. This will make your membership effective from March 1 of the current year through June 30 of the following year for a total of 16 months (i.e. March 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014).